Sigma Sigma Communications Satellite

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Sigma Sigma Communications Satellite
Inhabitants Workers
Class Satellite

The Sigma Sigma Communications Satellite is a satellite owned and used by the Hero Factory.


The satellite's force field

At some point, the satellite is made to do communications with the Hero Factory.

The satellite was at some point recently attacked by Splitface, who escaped from the Hero Factory's prison called the Villain Storage Unit. He planned to use a large asteroid to penetrate the satellite's shield and then the satellite itself, disrupting communications, so he would attack anywhere and no one would be ready for him. However, Mark Surge, who got a new upgrade with magnetic boots, came to the satellite to find and recapture Splitface. Hero Factory workers from the satellite noticed Surge, and were happy to see him. Surge found Splitface plotting and then started fighting. Splitface used Infecticide to temporarily paralyze Surge and then threw him at a large asteroid to push it to the satellite. However, Surge, freed from the effects of the Infecticide, used his weapon called the Electricity Shooter to slice the asteroid in two piece, but one of the pieces, which was one-third of the asteroid, was still heading to the satellite. Splitface attacked Surge again, but this time, Surge used his Shooter to stun him. Surge then threw Splitface to the piece, destroying it, saving the satellite. Surge used his new set of Hero Cuffs to recapture Splitface. He took him to the satellite in order for them to return to the Hero Factory.[Episode 8][Episode 9][SM1]


The satellite is located in the Sigma Sigma system, specifically an asteroid field, where there is no gravity. It is surrounded by asteroids, with the small ones being near the satellite. The satellite has a protective force field, but the force field cannot protect the satellite from gigantic asteroids. Also, the force field allows robots to get through it.


Hero Factory workers work and live on the satellite.


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