Tunneler Beast

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Tunneler Beast
44024 Tunneler Beast Pose.jpg
Known locations Antropolis City
Weapons Poison claws
Acid talons
Conservation status Extinct
Set number 44024

Tunneler Beast is a type of mutated Jumper.


During the invasion of Antropolis City, the Tunneler Beasts encountered a group of Heroes, who had come underground to rescue two of their teammates. The Tunneler Beasts were ultimately unsuccessful in stopping the Heroes from reaching the Queen Beast, and were all killed in the ensuing struggle.

Abilities and Traits

The Tunneler Beasts are a female species of Jumper, and retain some of the Cocoon as part of their shell. They possess acid talons and poisoned claws, and are fiercely territorial.

Set Information

Set 44024 Tunneler Beast vs. Surge was part of the second half of the Invasion From Below wave, released at the summer of 2014. The set is comprised of 59 pieces, and includes Mark Surge.


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