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"Geb never was too bright. But he really should have known to stay exclusive to one client. Anyway, he's where he always wanted to be now -- on top."
Core Hunter, Secret Mission 1: The Doom Box

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Weapons None
Status Unknown

Geb was a small-time crook working at a refueling station on an unnamed criminal desert planet.


At some point, Geb was built. He started as a cleaner at a refueling station, and worked his way to manager after causing the previous manager to fall down the stairs twice and be retired from service when the manager had to be deactivated. Geb ran the station as a hub for robotic crooks, using the relative anonymity of the unnamed planet he resided on to conceal his dealings.

Geb was approached by Core Hunter, who frequently used the station as a hideout and asked him to hide a piece of the Doom Box in his vault. Preston Stormer arrived and questioned Geb, and Geb was coerced into revealing the room Core Hunter was staying in.

Recently, after the Hero Factory breakout, Geb was approached by Dunkan Bulk and Natalie Breez, who claimed to be smugglers requesting Geb to hold something in the vault. Bulk offered Geb a small chunk of Duradium. Enticed by the two Heroes' proposition, Geb agreed, and brought them down to the vault, unknowingly leading the two Heroes to the Doom Box piece. However, Core Hunter had attached an anti-gravity device to Geb, and activated it, making Geb crash through the roof and up into the air. It is unknown if Geb had survived the incident or not, but he most likely survived when Arctur is called a sole causality by Stormer during Mission: The Doom Box. Geb's station got destroyed by Bulk and Breez when they were fighting its villains.[SM1]

Abilities and Traits

As a crook, Geb accepted offers whenever they were appropriate for business and was unscrupulous in his dealings. He was also very ambitious, but wary of Heroes.


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