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Secret Mission 4: Robot Rampage

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Secret Mission 4: Robot Rampage
SM Robot Rampage.png
Type Secret Mission Book
Year(s) released 2013

Secret Mission #4: Robot Rampage is an installment in the Secret Mission series, released March 1, 2013.


Jimi Stringer was chased through Tranquis VII and barely managed to send a message to William Furno before he was cut off. Preston Stormer then sent Dunkan Bulk and Furno in a prototype Drop Ship to save Stringer. Bulk and Furno were attacked by three small ships along with a massive battle cruiser, but Bulk hid behind a moon to escape and theorized that these people do not trust Heroes after the Breakout. When they land outside the city of Tranquis, Bulk confirmed with Nathan Evo that they landed and proceeded into the city with Furno. Digging underground trailing a lone robot, the two broke into a group of security robots and defeated them with likozite and a flashbang. The two scaled a building and were surrounded by robots controlled by Brains, so they fled to a second building. Meanwhile, Dumacc reviews the security footage of Bulk and Furno attacking the security robots and tells Karter to make sure the Heroes will leave and not uncover Project Sunstorm.

Bulk and Furno were ambushed by a Brain-controlled Stringer while Stormer told Evo that despite radio silence they should not be worried yet. Bulk noticed that Stringer was not half-controlled like the other robots, but was about to be controlled by a Brain when Karter saved them. Karter took the Heroes into his lab, and explained that a major environmental event a decade ago on the planet had let the robots partially immune to the Brains and that he was working on total immunity. The Heroes objected to being told to stop activities in Tranquis to avoid drawing attention to the lab, so Dumacc had the Heroes placed in a holding cell. Stringer hatched a plan to get Stormer to bring more Heroes and investigate who Karter is, and Brains successfully took the minds of S-12 security robots in use by Karter. One S-12 managed to warn Karter right before a Brain took over his body.

Stormer received a call from Stringer saying Heroes were needed to crush a rebellion, but it did not seem in character for Stringer. Pouring over Daniel Rocka's satellite pictures of Tranquis, Stormer was approached by Nathaniel Zib who suggested he take more control of the situation. Dumacc and Karter argue over what to do with the Brains certainly now coming after Project Sunstorm. Karter won by suggesting all the materials be transferred to another location and he and Dumacc sacrifice themselves. Furno and Bulk staged a jailbreak, but Dumacc armed them and instructed them to defend the lab. Karter drew Brain-controlled robots for Bulk to destroy while Furno went after Stringer. Stormer took control of Bulk's Drop Ship, scaring off Brains with an illusion. Stringer offered Furno a place in his empire, but Furno cuffed Stringer, causing Stringer to attempt suicide. Stormer saved him with the Drop Ship and Furno punched the Brain off Stringer. The Drop Ship went to Bulk who crashed into the lab and saw Brains using Dumacc to activate Project Sunstorm, a solar storm weapon that would destroy the planet. Furno and Stringer arrived as Bulk used a flashbang to stop the Brains.

Later, the Heroes got help from others to put the Brains in stasis as Zib examined Project Sunstorm. He was knocked unconscious by Karter who destroyed the weapon and tried to stab Bulk with a dagger. Back at Hero Factory, Stormer and Stringer reasoned that somebody is making the Brains and that Project Sunstorm was part of an unrelated conspiracy. Declaring the Brains to be the larger threat, Stormer showed Stringer a new Hero Core fuel source as Bulk reassured Furno Heroes would fight the Brains. In a Hero Factory cell, Karter radios his employers, telling them he has infiltrated Hero Factory and the Heroes' days are numbered.




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