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7158 Furno Bike Stationary.jpg
Furno Bike
Set 7160 Drop Ship.png
Drop Ship
William Furno's personal transport. A Hero Factory craft of varying types used for transportation and air support.
7168 Dunkan Bulk Hero Pod.jpg
Hero Pod
TV Ultra Mach Speed Cycle.png
Ultra Mach Speed Bike
Individual vehicles used for short travel distance, which can be carried by Drop Ships. A motorcycle given to Preston Stormer for his part of Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em.
Personal rocket packs
Hero Recon Bikes
Rocket packs designed by Daniel Rocka that can travel through space, used by Natalie Breez, Rocka, and Preston Stormer during Mission: Collision Course. Cycles designed by Rocka dispensed to Heroes during the attack on Makuhero City, allowing the Heroes to gain an advantage over the Brain-monsters.


TV Aerial Villain Craft.png
Aerial Craft
TV Villain Speeder.png
Set Nitro Rocket Motorbike.png
Nitro Rocket Motorbike
Various ships used by villains for transport; one used to carry explosives to a location on Merak 9 and was guarded by a Hero Factory escort. Fire Lord's minions have also used one in the raid on Tanker Station 22. Villains have been known to use a one man speeder to quickly enter and escape crime scenes. A bike of Hero Factory design, stolen by Speeda Demon after the breakout.


The Valiant
Transport Pods
A patrolling ship, designed to be the pinnacle of space patrolling technology, captained by Aquax. Popular civilian transport is done by specialized pods.



Set Piece Hero Core 3.jpg
Hero Core
William Furno Helmet.png
Mission Cam
TV Hero Cuffs.png
Hero Cuffs
The life source and primary power generator of Heroes. Early Hero Factory equipment included audio/video capabilities to record missions for review. Tool used by all Heroes to apprehend criminals and villains, recently redesigned after the breakout.
Set Piece Scout Drone.jpg
Scout Drones
Set Piece Sonic Speaker.jpg
Sonic Speakers
Set Aquajet Pack.png
Aquajet Pack
Autonomous flying robots used by Preston Stormer after the breakout. Specialized armor used by Jimi Stringer for his mission to capture Voltix. Enhancements to William Furno's armor, to increase his mission efficiency on the water planet Scylla.
Set Piece Jetpack.jpg
HRT Merrick Wing.png
Eagle Wing
Set Jetpack Wings.png
Jetpack Wings
Miniature jetpacks used by 1.0 Heroes. Wings that give Heroes flight capabilities, introduced in the 3.0 Upgrade. New armor additions used by Mark Surge, which can achieve flight.
Set Piece Visor.png
Set Hero Core Locking Clamps.png
Hero Core Locking Clamps
TV Jet Rocka.png
Rocka's Jetpack
New armor used by the Alpha 1 Team in recent upgrades, which protects their faces from blast damage, and includes various enhancements, such as night vision. New armor used by the Alpha 1 Team in recent upgrades, which protects the Hero Core and affords it more power. Powerful weaponized jetpack designed by Nathaniel Zib.
Magnetic Mine
TV Thruster Rings.png
Anti-gravity Thruster Rings
Particle Separator.png
Particle Separator
A self-repeating magnetic timer used by Thresher, who would claim it to be a bomb for distraction purposes. Devices previously equipped to Hero boots, allowing them to repel gravity temporarily. A gadget given to Alpha 1 Team for their final confrontation with Von Nebula and his gang.


Set Piece Quaza Spike.jpg
Corrupted Quaza Spike
Set Skull Staff.png
Skull Staff
Corrupted Quaza which was implanted onto beasts of Quatros by Witch Doctor. The spikes were used as a medium to control the beasts actions, via the Skull Staff. A mysterious staff crafted by Witch Doctor which allowed him to control beasts using Quaza.
6203 Arachnix Drone.jpg
Set Rotor Blades.png
Rotor blades
A self-replicating drone used by Black Phantom in his takeover of the Assembly Tower. Helicopter blades equipped by Rotor, used as a means of flight and offense.
Multi Vision Mask
Xplode Spikes.jpg
Explosive Spikes
Helmet used by Core Hunter, which has an array of vision-enhancing options. Poisoned, detonating spikes equipped to XPlode.
Doom Box
TV Nanobots.png
A doomsday device which Core Hunter sought to assemble Microscopic robots used by Meltdown to help him control other robots; known victims include Preston Stormer and Drax.
Laser Cutters
Set Lightning Whip.png
Lightning Whip
Lasers attached to Toxic Reapa's helmet, which he uses in tandem with his Toxic Jets. A gadget used by Voltix to absorb electricity and continually replenish his energy supply.


Quaza Stone.png
TV Antiquaza.png
Powerful substance used in the creation of Heroes. Mysterious counterpart to Quaza, utilized by Black Phantom.
File:Comic C4000.png
Hero Fuel
A highly explosive material used for mining. Energy source that powers Hero Factory craft, like Drop Ships and Hero Pods; once targeted by the Fire Villains as part of their objective to collect energy sources.
Set Piece Infecticide Orb.jpg
TV Oxidium.png
A mutagenic and poisonous substance weaponized by Splitface. A rusting agent found on Scylla.
An explosive material carried by the Valiant. A mineral that turns to glass when heated.
Yeq particles
A metal used to make highly conductive wiring, though corrosive in its raw state. Mysterious particles that eat through metal and block communications signals.