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Secret Mission 2: Legion of Darkness

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Secret Mission 2: Legion of Darkness
Secret Mission 2 Legion of Darkness.png
Type Secret Mission Book
Year(s) released 2012

Secret Mission #2: Legion of Darkness is the second book in the Secret Mission series, written by Greg Farshtey.


William Furno is investigating the Hero Factory files and finds file 14Y-YX6 which is strangely above his security clearance level. Dunkan Bulk sees Furno looking it up as it has a connection to a lot of the villains that escaped in the breakout. Bulk decides to tell Furno the story of the Legion of Darkness himself.

Voltix and Splitface are being pursued by an unknown robot after they committed a crime. The robot announces himself as Preston Stormer, a Hero from Hero Factory. He goes in to attack the criminals but is beaten by Voltix's power until his leader Thresher attaches a magnetic mine to Voltix that begins to count down, causing Splitface to flee. As Thresher apprehends Voltix, he tells the criminal and Stormer the mine was a dud. While on the Drop Ship with Voltix, Thresher tells Stormer that his overconfidence would have killed him if he didn't arrive. Splitface tells Jawblade of this 'Hero Factory', but Jawblade assures Splitface it's nothing to worry about. At Hero Factory, Bulk meets Von Ness and Jimi Stringer. Thresher and Stormer enter and Thresher announces they are Hero Factory's Alpha 1 Team and will be stopping crime galaxy-wide. Jawblade and Toxic Reapa attempt a museum heist, but are busted by Bulk and Stringer, and Toxic Reapa is captured. Hero Factory is a huge success galaxy wide, and Jawblade, Thornraxx, Splitface, and Speeda Demon stay in a refueling station, scared to do crimes. Black Phantom arrives and tells the villains that he's been monitoring Hero Factory and has a plan to stop them: by forming a Legion of Darkness. The four villains accept and go to a Makuro Industries plant where Thornraxx hijacks a shipment of industrial robots and Black Phantom steals one.

Thresher leaves to investigate Thornraxx's hijacking and leaves a mission watching mining robots for Stormer and Stringer. They go, and find that there is nothing to watch and are attacked by the mining robots of the Aird Mining Corporation. They are saved by XT4 who claims that he is the new Alpha 1 rookie. Black Phantom watches as his reprogrammed XT4 infiltrates Hero Factory while Splitface and Speeda Demon steal an ore freighter. At Hero Factory Stringer and Stormer meet Bulk and Von Ness and they leave XT4 in a room while Stormer discovers XT4 is a fake. However Splitface has already activated XT4's secondary programming layer and XT4 steals all data on Hero Factory and leaves in a Hero-Craft. He reaches Asteroid J-54 and breaks Voltix and Toxic Reapa out of prison. As XT4 leads them to the exit they are attacked by Bulk and Von Ness. XT4 releases all the prisoners and goes to the roof, and Von Ness goes there after using his gravity weapon to aid Bulk. In space, Splitface and Speeda Demon rig the freighter to blow and get in Black Phantom's Drop Ship. Black Phantom introduces the Legion of Darkness to Stormer and Stringer before the two Heroes are engulfed by the explosion. Von Ness lets XT4, Voltix, and Toxic Reapa escape. Thresher arrives and picks up the Heroes.

Days later Stormer awakes and meets with Thresher, Nathaniel Zib and the other Heroes. Thresher tells them that the Asteroid J-54 incident has destroyed Hero Factory's galactic reputation. Akiyama Makuro has closed Hero Factory. At a Legion of Darkness meeting, Splitface sees that they succeeded, Hero Factory was no more. Von Ness, Stringer, and Bulk leave to be guards at Makuro's company plants and Stormer gives them Hero transmitters. Black Phantom flies the Legion to Makuhero City to destroy the Hero Factory itself. He drops Jawblade in a missile that the defenses shoot, breaking Jawblade out. He lands in a body of water and uses information from XT4 to swim until he can bite on and power down Hero Factory's external defenses. XT4 and Splitface enter Hero Factory's power core and begin taking it out. Thornraxx, Speeda Demon, Toxic Reapa, and Voltix. Thornraxx is thrown out the craft and they land at the top of the Assembly Tower where they see Thresher. Despite Thresher's power, he has no match for the three villains who plan to deassemble him in the machinery.

Stormer attacks XT4 but is jumped by Splitface. In the ensuing battle Stormer leaves XT4 tangled in metal coils. He barricades himself in a room and signals the other Heroes, but Von Ness is skeptical as they just left. Splitface runs in the room where Stormer is but the floor opens underneath him and goes to defeat XT4 but is attacked by Black Phantom. Black Phantom tells Stormer that he plans to have the Legion captured as with his competition out of the way he will be the sole destroyer of Hero Factory. But Von Ness, Bulk, and Stringer arrive, Von Ness defeating XT4. They chase Black Phantom into the Assembly Tower where they see Thresher is still alive. Von Ness lowers Thresher's gravity, and Stormer plays a recording of Black Phantom detailing his plan. The other villains attack and are all arrested in the chaos. Afterwards Thresher hides evidence of the incident telling Stormer it was almost a failure. Makuro and Zib re-open Hero Factory.

Bulk tells Furno that the Legion of Darkness and Von Ness' unknown actions almost led to Hero Factory's downfall. Stormer walks in and tells Bulk and Furno to not worry about the past but focus on the breakout. He also says Thresher is working as a guard on a highly classified planet defending against mind attacks. The Heroes go to continue re-capture villains.



  • Thresher (F)
  • Preston Stormer
  • Dunkan Bulk
  • Jimi Stringer (F)
  • Von Ness (F)
  • William Furno

Legion of Darkness

  • Black Phantom (F)
  • Thornraxx (F)
  • Speeda Demon (F)
  • Splitface (F)
  • Jawblade (F)
  • Toxic Reapa (F)
  • Voltix (F)
  • XT4 (F)


  • Nathaniel Zib (F)

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