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Mining Robot
OoF Fire Lord Absorb Energy.png
A mining robot absorbing energy
Robot Class
Function Mine precious minerals
Power(s) Fuel-Absorption
Location(s) Far Galaxy Planets, Tallos 5
Status Active

Mining Robots are specialized robots designed to mine minerals.


The Aird Mining Corporation owned a group of Mining Robots on a far-rim planet. The Legion of Darkness tampered with these robots as part of one of their schemes. Preston Stormer and Jimi Stringer were sent to oversee a move of these robots that they thought was a mission given to them by Thresher, but found that the Mining Robots instead attacked them. They were saved by XT4, who Black Phantom, leader of the Legion, had assigned to save the Heroes, in order to have XT4 join the team as an undercover agent. Aird Mining Corporation later claimed damages for the incident.

On Tallos 5, Mining Robots were used to mine precious minerals. In order to cut down on time spent traveling back and forth between refueling stations each robot was given hands through which they could absorb any type of energy, and maintain consistent work. However, no safeguards were installed, and the robots gained the capability to absorb unlimited amounts of power, though continued absorption fused together circuits in their heads, driving them insane. Four insane mining robots, Drilldozer, Nitroblast, Jetbug, and Fire Lord, went rogue and formed a criminal syndicate. After attacking Tanker Station 22, the four were finally captured by six new 2.0 Heroes. The four were brought back to Hero Factory to be treated for their addiction. They have since escaped in the mass Breakout, and now roam the universe.


Each mining robot possessed the ability to absorb any sort of raw power indefinitely through their hands. No safeguards were installed, and the more power, the more corrupted the robot's body and mental state of being would become until they went insane and lusted power.

Mining robots are equipped with fire-based tools and weaponry, used in various mining activities such as drilling and excavation.

Known Mining Robots