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Face Off: Makuro's Secret Guidebook

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Face Off: Makuro's Secret Guidebook
Type Guide Book
Year(s) released 2013

Face Off: Makuro's Secret Guidebook is a compendium featuring the Hero Factory line from 2010 until the end of 2013. It was released on August 27, 2013.


The guidebook features individual bios and factoids for each character from the five set waves, as well as information about weapons, vehicles, and the overall plot. It also contains new information on the characters. In each set wave, the Alpha 1 Team Heroes are placed, then the Villains and possessed Beasts, and finally, the set wave's overall story. There are six pages called "The Histotron Secret Files", where each tells information about objects and locations. The first is about Quaza and Makuhero City, and then each of the other five is placed after a section about one of the set waves, and that Histotron Secret File has information on major objects and locations from that set wave. The guidebook not only tells the events of the first 9 television episodes, but it also tells a short summary of all five of the Secret Mission chapter books. At the end, it also contains a section on the outcome of pitting certain characters against each other.


  • It is the last book to be published, as Hero Factory's 2014 story arc, which was in the final year of Hero Factory, never had any. It only had a television episode and an online game, instead.
  • The guidebook's title shows that Akiyama Makuro made the guidebook, though it uses third-person perspective.
  • According to the guidebook, Witch Doctor mind-controlled at least one Scorpio.
  • According to the guidebook, Mission: Savage Planet was the first time where William Furno and Daniel Rocka did a mission together.
  • Quatros' animals' species names do not have 's' plural nouns in the guidebook, but the Raw-Jaw do (as "Rawjaws"). It could be possible that the animals' plural nouns go either way.
  • How Core Hunter, Thornraxx, and XT4 were recaptured is revealed. How Speeda Demon was recaptured again is revealed. The Witch Doctor is also mentioned to be recaptured.
  • How Nathan Evo changed his personality from the one in the events of Episode 5: Ordeal of Fire to the other in the events of Episode 8: Breakout Part 1 is revealed.
  • The Makuhero Planet animals that the Brains possessed are revealed to be techno-organic, like the ones in Quatros.
  • The Hero Factory corporation gives the possessed Makuhero Planet animals their names from their 2013 sets to distinguish them from normal members of their species.
  • The guidebook only tells about the first 9 television episodes and the characters from the tenth episode, Episode 10: Brain Attack, and it never tells about the events of that episode. It is perhaps to avoid spoilers, despite the episode being released in March 2013, before the guidebook did in August.
  • The guidebook never mentioned some characters, including Quadal, the Delta 9 Team, Mak Megahertz, Daniela Capricorn, Lucy, Big Joe, and the Hero Recon Team, despite the guidebook mentioning Rocka's affiliation with the Hero Recon Team. The guidebook never mentioned the events of Hero Factory FM, Showdown!, Omega Recon Reports, or Dangerous Dimensions, either.
  • The guidebook has some errors:
    • Rocka 3.0/Rocka XL's bio says that he had his Breakout weapons.
    • The guidebook's infomation about the Brain Attack story arc and Brain beasts has some errors because they are different from what happened in the Brain Attack episode. For example, Aquagon's bio says that he has a weakness of having an inability to breathe air and rapid dehydration, but in the episode, he is amphibious and can fight on the surface. Thus, the episode's information about Aquagon is canon while the fact of the guidebook's about him is not.

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