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"Nex is a communications expert in Hero Outreach."
Akiyama Makuro, Ordeal of Fire

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Julius Nex
Comic Damaso Nex.png
Hero 2.0
Hero Team Alpha 1 Team, Rookie 1 division
Weapons Multi-Tool Ice Shield
Status Functional, upgraded
Julius Nex Signature.png

Julius Nex is a Hero from Hero Factory, one of the the first to be built in the upgraded style.


Ordeal of Fire

Julius Nex was the first Hero, along with Nathan Evo, to be created using the 2.0 system. They were revealed at a press conference by Akiyama Makuro. After displaying his prowess, he chatted affably with the reporters, and invited them all to friend him on HeroBook.

The view through Nex's HUD

Nathaniel Zib sent Nex and Evo to back up Alpha 1 Team against the Fire Lord at Tanker Station 22. Nex defeated and hero-cuffed Nitroblast with some help from Evo; he also split William Furno and Natalie Breez's locked weapons. In the final assault on the Fire Lord, Nex pitched in until Mark Surge rammed the Fire Lord with vehicle. Nex was later present at a ceremony honoring Surge's bravery.

Savage Planet

When rookie teammate Daniel Rocka was reported missing on the planet Quatros, Nex was given a 3.0 enhancement, granting him saber-toothed tiger power as preparation for a mission to Quatros. He was accompanied by other 3.0 teammates Preston Stormer, William Furno, Jimi Stringer, and Dunkan Bulk. When they arrived on the planet, they found Rocka, who had been badly beaten by the Witch Doctor, a former Hero Factory professor now seeking to drain the Quaza from the planet, destroying it. While searching for Witch Doctor, the Alpha 1 team discovered a teleportation bridge, capable of taking three of them to the site of his mining. Rocka and Furno were each put in charge of a unit, and Nex joined Stringer and Furno in taking the path through the jungle. Along the way, they fought with a Waspix and a Scorpio, though they were unable to defeat the Scorpio, who chased them to the mine. While the others worked to liberate the corrupted animals and defeat Witch Doctor, Furno and Nex tried to restore the Quaza to the planet. They found Rocka in a temple, struggling to find a way to beat Witch Doctor, and eventually figured out how to use ancient armor pieces in the temple to equip Rocka with the tools necessary to fight.

While Rocka faced Witch Doctor, Nex found a pile of Quaza Spikes guarded by a serpent. He defeated the serpent, and destroyed the spikes. Meanwhile, Rocka defeated Witch Doctor, and Furno restored the Quaza to the planet, saving it.

After the mission, Nex went to the frontier to investigate rumors of dangerous scientific experiments. He found no evidence, so he returned to the factory


A mass breakout occurred at the Hero Factory, forcing the Heroes to split up to recapture escaped villains.

Nex, after acquiring new armor and weapons, began pursuing the criminal XT4 to his home planet of Makuro IV. He had to fight past several robots XT4 had reprogrammed, and he burned out his laser cutter in the process. He defeated XT4 by pretending to be defeated, and then surprising the villain from behind and capturing him.

The Doom Box

In the mission to stop Core Hunter from activating the Doom Box, Nex ran the mission with Evo from the Hero Factory.

Brain Attack

Robot Rampage

Nex went to Tranquis VII with other members of Alpha 1 to clean the city Tranquis of Brains after Furno and Bulk's mission there exposed them.

Invasion from Below

It is unknown what happened to Nex, for he was not included in the team during the Invasion from Below.

Abilities and Traits

Nex is enthusiastic, highly skilled in the nuances of his body, has amazing flexibility, and hypersensitive senses. He is a communication expert, able to interface with nearly any system. For his new 3.0 form he was programmed with instinct algorithms based off of the saber-toothed tiger.

Set 2068 Nex 2.0

Armor and Weapons

Nex originally wielded a Multi-Tool Ice Shield as his primary weapon.

After his first upgrade, he wielded a double-bladed tiger claw, which had cutting blades specifically designed to help slice through creeper plants and roots.

With his new equipment, Nex now has high-impact shoulder armor. With new weapons and armor to pursue XT4, Nex wields a precision Laser Cutter and a Plasma Shooter

Set Information

The first set of Julius Nex, set 2068 Nex 2.0, was released in early 2011, along with Evo 2.0, Furno 2.0, Breez 2.0, Stormer 2.0, and Surge 2.0. The set contained 31 pieces. Nex 2.0 could be combined with set 2141 Surge 2.0 to create a new model using instructions from the Hero Factory website. This wave of heroes was the first to utilize the HeroPad system, which uses unique codes found on the bottom of set canister lids in order to unlock different versions of the Creep Crushers game.

Set 2144 Nex 3.0 was released in mid-2011, containing 29 pieces. The set includes a printed armor piece decorated with the name "Nex 3.0" and a tiger pattern. A combination model using parts from Nex 3.0 and Stringer 3.0 could be built using instructions from the Hero Factory website. This wave of canister sets, like the previous wave, included a code on the bottom of each canister lid to unlock that hero's version of the online game Jungle Crushers.


  • As part of his role as head of Hero Outreach, Nex has accounts on the fictional social networking sites HeroBook and HeroFeed, based on real-life social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.
  • Nex's promotional nickname is "The Tech-head".
  • Jason Canning provided the voice for Nex in two of the Television Episodes.
  • Due to the Nex prototype having Evo's name and vice versa, both characters were mixed up in different media and appeared with the reversed character traits, such as in their HeroFactory.com biographies.
  • Nex once accidentally destroyed a part of the Hero Factory, due to a "test" of his Laser Cutter.


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