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Drop Ship
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User(s) Hero Factory Heroes
Status In use

Drop Ships, or Hero-Craft, are used by the Hero Factory to transport Hero Pods and Heroes, and are also used to provide air support to Heroes on the ground.


Drop Ships were created by the Hero Factory to aid heroes. They are equipped with the ability to transition in hyperspace. They were used by Thresher and Preston Stormer when they captured Voltix, Stormer and Jimi Stringer used a Drop Ship to go to a mining colony where they recovered XT4. XT4 then stole it and sent it to Asteroid J-54 where he was chased by Heroes in another Drop Ship. Black Phantom had his own stolen one, and he escaped with Speeda Demon and Splitface while XT4 escaped with Voltix and Toxic Reapa. Stormer's Drop Ship was almost destroyed, but he and Stringer were saved by Thresher in his own Drop Ship.

Thresher's team took a Drop Ship on their mission to New Stellac City. However, Von Ness stole this ship and used it to flee the area when he grew too afraid of the impending threat. Stringer docked a Drop Ship with a freighter to face Core Hunter, who ended up stealing the ship. It was taken over remotely by Hero Factory and Core Hunter was piloted to Makuhero City where he was apprehended.

The Alpha 1 Team frequently used the Drop Ships during their encounters with Von Nebula's gang. They chased down XPlode and Rotor in one, and launched a Hero Pod from it, tricking the villains into attacking that while they safely landed the ship. On mission to stop Corroder, Natalie Breez used the Drop Ship to evacuate workers from the construction site, then returned, leading Corroder to believe another team was arriving to face him. William Furno piloted the ship, using the opportunity to dodge between asteroids, he was called to Mekron City for an emergency, but rushed it back to the Hero Factory after Meltdown infected Preston Stormer. The other Heroes of the Alpha Team used a ship to acquire a cure from the planetoid Lunar Tratix. Several ships were used to dispatch the Heroes to New Stellac city for a final stand against Von Nebula and his crew.

A Drop Ship, used by one of the designated Hero Factory Pilots, was once used against Vapor, providing cover for Dunkan Bulk while Furno drove his Furno Bike to assist.

Stormer, Breez, Furno, and Surge took a Drop Ship to a refueling station besieged by Fire Lord. They attempted to use the ship to evacuate the civilians, but were cornered by Fire Lord. Surge drew fire away, and the Heroes escaped with the station workers.

Professor Aldous Witch once used a Drop Ship to fly to the planet Quatros as part of his plot to mine the Quaza stone from the planet's core. Daniel Rocka later flew a Drop Ship down to Quatros to investigate a distress call from the Professor. After reports of trouble on the jungle planet, a group of Alpha 1 members consisting of William Furno, Preston Stormer, Dunkan Bulk, Jimi Stringer, and Julius Nex came to assist the fallen Rocka.

After the breakout, Drop Ships were used by the Heroes in chasing Core Hunter who was seeking to reassemble the Doom Box. A Drop Ship with all the heroes was piloted by Arctur to the location where the Doom Box was forged. The Heroes later got in it with the deactivated Doom Box, although Arctur was a casualty.

Stringer flew a Drop Ship to Tranquis VII, but the Brains destroyed it in their invasion of the planet.

After his decision to destroy the Valiant that was hurtling toward Hero Factory, Dunkan Bulk sent a Drop Ship fleet to destroy the ship even though his teammates were on it. Nathan Evo commanded the fleet, but got new orders from Furno to use their tractor beams. The beams held the Valiant in place, but the Brain-infected commander of the ship, Kirch began firing on the Drop Ships, destroying some of them. The Drop Ships that survived were later brought back to Hero Factory.

A prototype Drop Ship was created with camouflaging abilities and used by Bulk and Furno to fly to Tranquis VII in pursuit of Stringer after he gave out a distress call. Disguised as a cargo ship, they were surrounded by three vessels and then attacked by a gigantic battle cruiser. Forced to flee, Bulk pulled the ship behind a moon and left, and landed on Tranquis VII. Brain controlled robots patrolled the ship after they left, but Stormer remotely controlled the ship and created the illusion of a monster. The robots fled and Stormer flew the ship to Furno and Stringer and saved Stringer who was attempting to jump out of a building while controlled by a Brain. Stormer gave the ship back to Bulk and Karter, who used it to ram underground and stop Brains from activating Project Sunstorm.

A Drop Ship


Drop Ships come in several sizes. One is a single manned vehicle, which carries a normal sized Hero Pod. A larger vehicle is also flown, which is capable of holding entire teams of Heroes and the larger Hero Pods. The vehicles come with a hyperdrive system that allows for fast inter-galactic travel, as well as the ability for in the larger models the cockpit to split apart by itself and speed away.

Drop Ships are equipped with an H4-Force Launcher and use a laser sighting system to find their targets. The pilot is protected by a cockpit vario-field, and there is a holding bay underneath the ship to accommodate a Hero Pod, so that they can be transported and deployed for missions.

The Drop Ships have a small tractor beam equipped on them.

A Drop Ship pilot

Set Information

Set 7160 Drop Ship was released in mid-2010. The set included 390 pieces, including 13 pieces for building an unnamed pilot and four silver spheres which could be loaded into the set's launcher to serve as ammunition. Additionally, the set included a sticker sheet for decorating some of the pieces. The launcher could be fired by spinning a wheel on the top. Additionally, on the underside the set had a handle, a trigger, and two grasping arms which could be used to carry a canister from any Hero set (representing a Hero Pod). The canister could be grasped by pulling the trigger, and dropped by releasing it.


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